Manila Seedling Bank


Manila Seedling Bank is THE go-to place for all your gardening needs. It’s like Greenhills, but for plants. It’s basically a garden center made up of many stalls that sell different varieties of plants. Each stall usually has its own specialty — be it bonsai, orchids, herbs, ferns, cacti, etc. Besides plants, the stores also sell tools and accessories you would need to set up your own indoor or outdoor garden, such as stones, pebbles, pots and the like.

These days, my weekend isn’t complete without a trip to Manila Seedling Bank. The first time I went there a few weeks back, I was so amazed at how huge the place was. Green everywhere! You wouldn’t think that there would be a place like that along one of the busiest roads in Manila.

Just a few tips —

  • Dress for the weather. My default outfit on hot days is a cap, breezy top, shorts and slippers. But on rainy days, it’s better to wear a hoodie and sneakers because some paths can become quite muddy. But either way, rainy or not, make sure to pile on the sunscreen!
  • Haggle. You can get a good discount by simply asking. I find that most of the salespeople there are friendly. Find a suki.
  • It’s easy to get lost in all that greenery. If you’re looking for a certain plant and don’t know where to find, again, just ask. “Where can I find this or that plant?” Bring a picture if you must. Some salespeople even point you to other stalls if they don’t have the plant you’re looking for.

I’m looking forward to exploring more of this place on my future trips. Who wants to come with?

Manila Seedling Bank
Quezon Ave. Extension cor. EDSA
Quezon City, Metro Manila Philippines
Tel No. : (063) 2-924-7001 to 2
Fax : (063) 2-924-0116
Email :


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  1. Takketack för medryckande och bra lässtund

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